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    Documents Required For Sole Proprietorship Registration

    • Passport Size Colour Photograph
    • Colour Scan Copy of PAN Card – Self Attested
    • Colour Scan Copy of Aadhar Card – Self Attested
    • For Registered Office Address Proof – Any One Self Attested
      (Latest Electricity Bill / Latest Telephone Bill / Latest Gas Bill)


    Checklist for Sole Proprietorship Registration

    For Registering the Proprietorship in India following Checklist needs to be followed

    Single Owner: A Proprietorship Firm  must have only One Single Owner

    Minimum Capital Contribution: There is no prescribed minimum capital amount for a registration. However it is advisable to keep a minimum amount for current account opening. A Firm can have an Capital of at least Rs. 5,000 or less.


    Why Proprietorship ?

    Inexpensive:  Partnership Firm Formation is relatively inexpensive

    Minimal Compliances: Proprietorship Firm has to follow Minimum Compliance’s Like Filing of Income Tax Return only

    Easy to Set Up: Proprietorship Firm is easy to setup. It Can Hardly Take 1 Day to Setup Your Business Entity as Proprietorship

    Owning property: A Proprietorship Firm can acquire, own and dispose off, property in its own name.

    No Restriction For Business Name: A Proprietorship Firm is free to choose any name for Business


    FAQ on Proprietorship Firms

    What are the Requirements for Sole Proprietorship Registration ?

    Below mentioned are the requirements to register a Sole Proprietorship

    1. One Single Owner
    2. A Place where business needs to be registered must be provided
    3. KYC Documents of Proprietor of Firm
    How Much Time it takes to Form a Proprietorship Firm ?

    On an average, Proprietorship Firm are Formed by Intella Legals in 1 to 2 days. The time would vary on a case to case basis, based on the time taken by You to submit the necessary documents.

    Is there any minimum Capital requirement to Form a Proprietorship ?

    No. There is no requirement for minimum capital to Form Proprietorship .

    What is Capital Contribution ?

    Capital Contribution means the minimum amount which Proprietor of Proprietorship decides to deposit in Firm Bank Account.

    Can I obtain Registration at a my residential place ?

    Yes, You can Register at a commercial or a residential place by providing necessary proof like Electricity Bill / GAS Bill / Telephone Bill .

    What is Registered Office ?

    A Registered office is a place where communication, if any, from Government Department and other concerned authorities, can be received.

    Can I be Proprietor of Proprietorship Firm If I am already working somewhere ?

    Yes, You can be a Proprietor of a Firm even if you are already working. However, you must check that your employment agreement do not contain any restrictions for you to become a Proprietor of any Firm

    What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) ?

    Digital signature is just like your hand signature in electronic form. It is used in submitting necessary filings with Government Authorities

    Which documents you require for Proprietorship Formation in INDIA ?

    For Proprietorship Formation we require Photo, PAN, Aadhar Card  of Proprietor, and we also require Electricity Bill / Gas Bill / Telephone Bill for Registered Office Proof

    What are the statutory requirements to be fulfilled after Proprietorship Formation Process is completed ?

    Once Firm is Formed, it must fulfill following requirements on priority:

    • Open a Bank account of the Firm
    • Deposit Minimum Capital for Business Current Account as required by Bank for Account Opening
    Whether Physical Presence of Proprietor is required to Form Proprietorship ?

    The whole process of Proprietorship Firm Formation is online. So, Proprietor is not required to go anywhere to Form Proprietorship. You are required to send in your documents via email and fill up your Contact details to get it done.

    What about liability Part in Proprietorship ?

    The Liability of Sole Proprietor is Unlimited towards it Proprietorship debts and Creditors.


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