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    Documents Required For Partner Resignation

    • Basic KYC Documents of Applicant Partner
    • Resignation Letter and Resignation Deed

    Checklist for Partner Resignation

    For Resignation of Partner in LLP Following things to be kept in Mind

    • Minmum Number of Designated Partners Should not Fall below 2
    • Active Designated Partner Identification Number: Designated Partner Identification Number or DPIN is a unique number allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to all person who are Designated Partners of a LLP or proposes to be the Designated Partner of a LLP.
    • The person shouldn’t be involved in fraudulence in LLP.
    • At least one designated partner must be an Indian national who resides in India.
    • Valid Resignation Deed / Resignation Agreement.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Designated Partner Resignation :

    What are the Documents Required for Designated Resignation ?

    A) Documents required from Designated Partner: Pan, Aadhar and Resignation letter

    B) Documents required from LLP: Resignation Deed / Resignation Agreement.

    What is DPIN Number ?

    DPIN is Designated Partner Identification Number, it is a unique number allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to any person who is a Designated Partner of a LLP or who proposes to be the Designated Partner of a LLP.

    What is DSC ?

    Digital signature is just like your hand signature in electronic form. It is used in submitting necessary filings with Government Authorities.

    Which Form is Field for Designated Partner Resignation ?

    LLP Form 3 and 4  is filed with the MCA portal for Resignation of Designated Partner / Resignation of Partner

    What are Different types of Partners ?

    A) Designated Partner is Partner who devotes his whole time of working hours to the LLP and has a significant interest in the LLP as his source of income.

    B) Normal Partner does not dedicate his whole time in the day to day functions of the LLP. He Only attends Meetings and guide the LLP in its policy matters.

    What is Resignation Letter for Designated Partner Resignation ?

    Anyone Partner who is intending to resign as Designated Partner in the LLP needs to give Intimation to the llp by way of Resignation Letter. This document is known as Resignation Letter.

    Whether the Designated Partner Resignation Process is Online ?

    Yes. The Process of Designated Partner Resignation is Completely Online You Don't Need to Visit any Government Office for same.

    What are the Documents Required for Resignation of Partner?

    A) Documents required from Partner: Pan, Aadhar and Resignation Letter

    B) Documents required from LLP: Resignation Deed / Resignation Agreement.

    Whether Agreement Needs to be Intiated in Case of Partner or Designated partner Resignation ?

    Yes, Resignation Deed / Resignation Agreement Needs to be Initiated on stamp paper and Filing of that is required to be done to ROC.

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