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    What is IEC Registration process ?

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    What are the Documents Required For Online IEC Registration

    • Passport Size Colour Photograph of Applicant
    • Colour Scan Copy of PAN Card of Applicant
    • Colour Scan Copy of Aadhar Card of Applicant
    • Latest Electricity Bill For Registered Office Address Proof
    • Cancelled cheque
    • Pan card of Entity (Applicable only for HUF / LLP / Company )
    • Incorporation certificate ( Applicable only for Company / LLP )
    • Consent of Person having name on Office Proof.

    When is IEC code Essential?

    • It is needed by the custom authorities to clear the shipments in the case of any imports or export.
    • It is also needed by the bank to transfer the amount in the case of any imports or exports are made.
    • if an exporter wants to send the shipments to foreign countries, then it is required.
    • if the exporter is expected to receive money in foreign currency and it is being transferred directly into his bank account.

    What are the Advantages of  IEC Registration ?

    Business growth: Import Export License helps business to sale their goods or Services in international markets. Basic Madantory criteria for international selling your require this license.

    Export subsidies: Government works on export Promotion and follows a policy of free exporting of goods and services, generally all exports are not taxable and An exporter can also get a refund of many taxes paid while exporting the goods. Government even waives some import duties, if the importer promises to export the goods within suitable time frame.

    Lifetime validity: The Validity of Certificate is life time. You don’t need to renew it after any specific time. After the closure of business on whose name the License was issued it gets invalid and the code expires.

    No return filing: There is no compliance or filing requirement for IEC i.e. you dont need to file any period returns after taking iec Registration.

    Online process: The whole Process for Import Export Code (IEC License ) is online you dont need to Visit any goverment office for getting the same. Also The Registration cost is also Low.

    Government Proof : Import Export Code (IEC) will also act as a government proof for the business or entity name when you need to submit for any legal or regulatory requirement like opening a Bank Current Account.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Online IEC Registration

    What is IEC Registration ?
    Import Export Code or IEC is a 10-digit code that a business or a person needs to import/export goods/services. This code is issued by DGFT (Director General of Foreign trade), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India.
    How to register for IEC ?
    For Online IEC registration, you can consult our experts by filing Contact form.
    Who can Register for IEC Code ?
    Any person or business who is trying to kick start his export/import business is required to get IEC number.
    Can I obtain Registration at a my residential place ?

    Yes, You can Register at a commercial or a residential place.

    How much it takes to get IEC Registration Certificate ?
    IEC registration takes 1 -3 working days for the entire process to complete and receive the IEC number.
    Which Authority Issues IEC Certificate in India ?
    IEC Certificate is issued by Central Government through Director General of Foreign trade. DGFT.
    Can I have Multilple IEC Numbers ?
    No. Only 1 IEC is issued to a person/entity.
    What if my IEC number is lost or misplaced?
    In such a case, We can Find your your iec in data base or we can apply for Duplicate copy of the Same.
    Can I surrender my IEC number?

    Yes, You can surrender Your IEC Certificate by Making Application to Department

    Can I being Individual Apply for IEC ?
    Yes. Individuals can apply for IEC, if they own a business as proprietorship
    Who are not required to Take IEC ?

    IEC code is not required under the following cases:
    1. Person exporting or importing goods for personal use and not for business.
    2. Person exporting or importing goods to or from Nepal or Myanmar through Indo-Myanmar border areas, a value of which does not exceed Rs.25,000/- in a single assignment.
    3. Ministries or departments of central government do not require obtaining IEC

    Whether the Process of IEC Registration Online ?

    Yes, the Process of IEC Registration is Completely Online. You don't need to Personally Visit any government Office for getting Registration Certificate.

    Do I need to File any addtional Returns for IEC ?

    No. You are not required to file any additional returns if you take IEC License.

    In Which Cities You Provide IEC Registration Service ?

    Intella Legal Provide IEC Registration Services all over India. For Us Client Satisfaction and Service at best rates is main motive.

    What if I want to Modify details in My IEC ?
    If you want to modify any details in Your Existing IEC license, then we can do the same on your behalf or You can do it online by making IEC modification application with the DGFT with the required documents.
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